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  Field Day 1999

Well laid out campsite for the 1999 Field Day at VE1AEH Repeater site

CW Station

Phil VE1PFH logs while Kurt VE1TT works the rig

Kurt VE1TT doing what he does best

Layton VE1MT logging

Lysle VE1BZE checking the log and his sleeping quarters

Solar powered!

SSB and Packet statiion

VE1ASK's abode

Phil VE1PFH's abode

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  Field Day 2000

Ralph VE1SIM and Dave VE1GLS. Are you in there?

Social tent behind pure comfort

Strategy session or just socializing?

Layton VE1MT logs while Kurt VE1TT works CW

SSB Station. Lloyd VE1VEI must be in there.

Art VE1ART and Lloyd VE1VEI hard at it

Peter VE1BHH, Lysle VE1BZE and Dave VE1BBW

Lysle VE1BZE offers packet instruction to Peter VE1BHH

Art VE1ART logs as Lloyd VE1VEI reels them in!

Lysle's abode. Where's Cleo?

VE1AEH Repeater Site looking South toward the Valley

SSB Station

Art VE1ART, Ralph VE1SIM and Dave VE1GLS

Lysle VE1BZE ... the energizer bunny!

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  Field Day 2001

Lysle VE1BZE checks on Cleo while John VE1ATT looks for the source of all those ants. VE1JEF, VE1WT, VE1MT and VE1ART ponder their next move.

That's perfect Lysle ... Hold er' right there ... Don't move!

Let's try a moon shot!

Derek VE1FLY and Art VE1ART make final adjustments before the antenna and tower assembly is erected

Art VE1ART at work. The sausages were every bit as good as they smelled

SSB Station, Power Distribution Box (borrowed), Generator and our freshly painted storage building

Two portable towers and masts plus antennas, CW and SSB stations in army tents and a camper's circle with three campers

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Awards Night 2015

KCARC Members and spouses eagerly comtemplating dinner options at KAO Restaurant in New Minas, NS.

It won't be long now.


Lots of conversation before awards are handed out.

Bob VE1RSM doing final trophy inspection.

Bob VE1RSM preparing to announce winners.

Mike VE1MAW receiving his 2nd place CW contest certificate from Bob VE1RSM.

Wayne VE1BAB receiving his 3rd place CW contest certificate from Bob VE1RSM.

Helen VA1YL receiving her 2nd place SSB contest certificate from Bob VE1RSM.

Fred VE1FA receiving his 1st place SSB contest certificate and trophy from Bob VE1RSM.

Phil VE1WT receiving his 1st place CW contest certificate and trophy from Bob VE1RSM.

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